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Online conference about the latest recruiting technologies and trends that keep HR professionals awake at night.


Important recruitment challenges to be dealt by the speakers : 

  • Armin Wahls - Influencer Recruiting
    Today, influencers rule the world and are a fundamental part of recruiting and employer branding for the future. Your employees are the most credible and authentic brand ambassadors of your company and therefore offer great potential when it comes to attracting high potential talent.
  • Johnny Campbell - New age of recruitment and selection
    Many models of Talent Acquisition have been proposed, each suggesting that one day you’ll reach the summit of excellence. In his talk, Johnny will demonstrate the flaw in this logic and propose a new framework of maturity that will require you to “give away your legos” and start thinking about the real role TA plays in business strategy.
  • Adam Gordon - #TalentLeadGen
    Adam will explain how the Candidate.ID software can build and nurture a database of candidates for recruiters to interact with when in search of new talent. Recruiters are able to identify hire-ready candidates in real-time and reduce time-to-shortlist by 50%.

For more information, visit the website or check out the Facebook event. See you at the event!


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